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The introduction of coffee to India is a tale befitting the intriguing brew.

Legend has it that Baba Budan, a Sufi saint of 16th century India, tasted the liquid brew during one of his visits to Arabia. So smitten was he that he decided to smuggle seven coffee seeds back to his homeland, at great personal risk. He planted them in his courtyard located in a small scenic village, which later became the iconic birthplace of coffee in India – Chikmagalur.

Baba Budan Giri, or the Crescent Mountain, in the Western Ghats is the hillscape that honors the Sufi saint to date. In return, the coffee seeds took to the mountains as only hardy plants do, and today, this region produces fine Arabica and Robusta varieties.

Kelachandra Coffee is proud to be part of this time-honoured tradition and we are pioneers of shade-grown coffee, paying close attention to every detail, and brewing you some magic with every bean




Our Coffee Varieties

An overview of our heirloom variety coffee products

Kelachandra Coffee Estates’

Arabica Varieties

The Arabica variants from Kelachandra Coffee Estates highlight the distinctive intrinsic taste profile of the beans. We offer high-quality Arabica products that have been cultivated and processed by adhering to scientific cultivation practices.

Kelachandra Coffee Estates’

Robusta Varieties

Kelachandra Coffee’s select high-quality cultivars from the pristine hills of Chikmaglur and valleys of Wayanad offer you some of the best handpicked, sun-dried washed, caffeine-rich and flavourful Robusta beans from India.

Other Products


Native to the southern region of the Indian subcontinent, peppercorns are grown as vines on our shade trees alongside our coffee. Our lush estates produce some of the most superbly flavoured peppercorns in India.





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