Our Story

We are expert growers, rooted in the heritage of sustainable plantation life. As part of the Kelachandra Group, our legacy goes back more than 200 years. In 1786, our founder, K. Mani Thomas, first ventured into agricultural plantations and laid the foundation for one of India’s oldest, most successful business houses. When we are still going strong today, it is because we have stayed true to our core approach to business – nurturing and reaping in sync with nature, and giving back to the earth and the communities we operate in.

At Kelachandra Coffee, we are on a determined mission to reinvigorate and elevate shade-grown, hand-harvested Indian coffee. At our 15 estates in the beautiful, and biodiverse mountains of the Western Ghats, we integrate the timeless principles of permaculture and multi-cropping, with state-of-the-art processing facilities – a responsible and holistic approach to optimisation, and management permeate every aspect of plantation life at Kelachandra Coffee.

From seedling to export-ready green beans, we stay true to our mission and are deeply committed to the employees and customers, who help us bring superior coffee to quality-conscious roasters around the world.

Our Manifesto


Give back to nature


Grow and harvest responsibly


Empower and develop people


Support local communities


Build strong partnerships


Craft ultimate perfections

Leading brands trust us for our sustainable cultivation practices

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