Kelachandra coffee, with our 15 lush coffee estates, is run by a team of trained and experienced managers and workers who assist with the day-to-day farm activities.

We support the growth of every worker on our estates in the form of opportunities for their partners, education for their children, and living spaces for families. In turn, they bring in consistency and commitment to everything they do.

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Drink Coffee and Be Kind

Kelachandra Coffee is home to a culture that places unparalleled importance on the people and places that make coffee cultivation possible. Our social welfare arm works tirelessly to provide a high standard of living and working for our employees and their families.

Local Education

Development of schools in the villages adjacent to our estates.

Housing Facilities

Provision of well-equipped living
quarters with access to recreation
rooms, childcare, playschool
facilities, and scholarship

Skill Development

Training the employees’ spouses
and partners to develop alternative
sources of income through
skill-development programs for
animal husbandry, and bee-keeping

Cultural Initiatives

Ensuring a high level of community
participation through regular feasts
and local celebrations during
festival times.

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