Our Heirloom Coffee Varieties

The heirloom coffee varieties from Kelachandra Coffee estates are certified by some of the most renowned and industry standard Q graders and our beans meet global benchmarks on the grade scale. 

With our deep understanding of the trade and a track record that spans over two centuries, we have developed processes that bring out the natural flavour of coffee beans.


Our Arabica Varieties

The Arabica variants from Kelachandra Coffee Estates highlight the distinctive intrinsic taste profile of the beans. We offer high-quality Arabica products that have been cultivated and processed by adhering to scientific cultivation practices.

Our Robusta Varieties

Kelachandra Coffee’s select high-quality cultivars from the pristine hills of Chikmaglur and valleys of Wayanad offer you some of the best handpicked, sun-dried washed, caffeine-rich and flavourful Robusta beans from India.

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